Travel League




  • Plum Area Soccer is a member of PA West Soccer League
  • Typically you only travel in the Pittsburgh area. (Usually under a 1 hour drive).
  • Two seasons; Spring and Fall.
  • 8 Games each season (4 Away and 4 Home)
  • Fall we usually play U10 to U-14 (due to high school teams)
  • Spring we play up to U10 to U-19.


  • Division 4 is for the most skilled and developed players. Division 1 and A are very competitive.
  • Division 5 are moderately skilled players but competition is still high.
  • Division 6 are developmental teams and teaching skills and player development should be primary factor.

Development and Tryouts:
Most of the kids traveling have gone thru the in-house program for their primary development and it is recommended that they continue in an inhouse team as well. We field as many teams as we have kids and coaches. We try to place every kid on a team if possible. Plum Area Soccer has tryouts for travel teams at the end of May beginning of June every year. We send flyers out to every school and post it on the cable channel.

It is up to each coach and team as to how many tournaments you go to there are many to choose from, you can go to PA West web site for a list of tournaments. The last week in August is the tournament that Plum Area Soccer hosts.

Plum Soccer is 100% volunteer driven,, so without your help we can not make Travel Soccer a successful program. So without help, we can not provide a soccer experience for our children. We like to make soccer fun so the kids will continue to play soccer into high school and beyond. Plum Area Soccer currently has a men's team that started travel at the age of U-10 and is still playing in an adult league coached by Fred Lucas.